Active Guard
It is the most optimized anti-musculoskeletal disease protector for active work.
The ergonimic design and flexible material provide comfortable fitting both when standing and kneeling.
The detachable bands will provide easy washing with just water or wet tissue.

2Skin Durable Softness
Soft and Flexible 2Skin material provides comfort all day long.
It protects and grips most surfaces without scratching or schffing

Detachable one touch connector
This Durable POM(Engeering Plastic)
helps to wear easily without velcro strap.


- Soft polyurethane Material Material named 2SKIN.
- Excellent wear resistance
- Easy to clean
- Easy wearing due to detachable one touch connector

Application :
Marble and Hardwood Floor installers, Roofers
Electricians, Farmers, Automative and Marine Technicians, Plumber, Carpet Installers, maintenance,
All kinds of DIY work, Gardening, HVAC(heating, ventilating and Air Conditioning)

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