Prevent on head accident such as concussion.
Anatomically designed for excellent fit.
Easy to insert in pocket of any kinds of cap that is pre-designed for it.

- Excellent impact absorbing performance
- Ergonomically designed for excellent Fit
- Soft and durable polyurethane Material Material named 2SKIN
- Optimal Tear Strength, Tensile Strength, Abrasion Resistance, Bursting Strength
- Optimal restoring force unlike EVA or PE foam, it remembers its original shape
- Easy to clean
- 2 sizes are available

Application :
Marble and Hardwood Floor installers, Roofers
Electricians, Farmers, Automative and Marine Technicians, Plumber, Carpet Installers, maintenance,
All kinds of DIY work, Gardening, HVAC(heating, ventilating and Air Conditioning), tactical area.